About Us

The ultimate goal of the Master Server project is to support the multiplayer of AVP2 long after official Multiplayer support by Sierra/Monolith was pulled. In November of 2008, Activision shut down the server list for Aliens. Vs. Predator 2, as well as a handful of other older games alond side it. Not wanting to see their favorite game's multiplayer come to an end, some folks from the now defunct LithFAQ.com (Herr_Alien, The_One) created the 'Savior Mod'. A modification of the game's source files to utilize another community run server directory. It is now AvP2msp.com's goal to faithfully fulfill the duties that LithFAQ had towards the AVP2 community. Who would have thought, 10 years after official support has been pulled, this 20 year old game would still have a WORKING multiplayer? Savior Mod has evolved throughout the years into Master Server Patch 2.4 as you see it today, thanks to the hard work put in from the people preceding AvP2msp.

The Master Server and official primary AvP2msp servers are hosted on a dedicated server in Roubaix, France with many redundancies and 99.99% Uptime. Secondary AvP2msp servers are in North America located in Beauharnois, Canada.

Meet the Staff

Smith (Master Server Host, Website services, Game server services)

Ayleia (Master Server Maintenance Tech)

x-M-x (Community Manager, Social Media, Resource Host)

The_One (Special Projects, Programmer, Website Services)